Friday, 16 June 2017

The Strapless, Backless, Lace-up Bra...Worth it?

No doubt you've seen this 'miracle' bra advertised all over Facebook and Instagram. You know, the lace-up one that gives these girls incredible cleavage? Well, I found it on Wowcher for a fiver so I thought "I'm having that" and I got it.
I actually wanted it for my sisters wedding but alas, it didn't arrive in time. When it did arrive I tried it on straight away. And it was sticky, super sticky. I definitely felt confident that it would stay on all day - and rip my nipples off if I wasn't careful. I put it on, laced it up and oh. My cleave didn't look any different. Well, that's disappointing.

About a week later I saw a Buzzfeed post about the same bra and gave it a read. The women trying it out said you really have to "arrange" your boobs before putting it on, which is true, I found this the first time I tried it. I decided to give it another go though, rearranging my boobs multiple times, which really didn't make it a difference. It kept peeling itself off as well. Yay. 

Eventually I decided to relace it - like when you loosen the laces on a new pair of trainers - and it actually made a ton of difference. Although I still wasn't getting the same results as on the advert. I was so disappointed, as my boobs have grown so much during pregnancy, I wanted some decent cleavage to show off for once, but I get better results from my New Look push up bra! 

My favourite thing about this bra though is the fact that it's backless, as even my maternity bras are becoming hellish for me to wear - I'm so uncomfortable! So despite it not doing my boobs any favours, it helps my back and ribs a ton! However, the first day I decided to wear it out of the house, I also decided to wear a bandeau maxi dress which is loose across the boobs. So this meant that the bra immediately became unstuck and I had to change into a normal bra. Ugh. I guess it can only be worn with tight tops...

A few days later I tried it again, and attempted to keep it on all day. I had pretty much accepted by this point that I wasn't going to get awesome cleavage from it, I just wanted to be comfortable while I went out. I thought the dress I was wearing would be tight enough to keep it stuck to me. I was wrong. I couldn't even count the amount of times I had to press my hands against my boobs to stick it back on properly. I ended up taking it off about 2:30pm and by then the lace had pretty much come undone. Not impressed.

I'm honestly starting to begrudge that I paid a fiver for this damn bra. Just under £8 including delivery. So, despite the Buzzfeed girls having a fairly successful time with it, I am not impressed and I absolutely do not recommend.


  1. Oh my goodness!
    I've seen these EVERYWHERE.

    I found your review of it very interesting; To see how it actually stands compared to the Buzzfeed girls!

    Every interesting post!


    1. Thank you! I actually ended up binning it today because I was so sick of it! Xx